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Alex's Hell World

Hey, welcome to my site. I thought this would be a fun project for me to get back into coding, while also having somewhere everyone can have their own pages. It's not much right now, but I hope to improve it with time and make it what I really want it to be

My biggest inspiration is creepy, rabbit-hole and/or puzzle stuff like Terminal 00, Lomando (Fancy Island), Wired Sound For Wired People, Notpron, and op011 (dead now, unfortunately), so maybe someday I'll be able to get that level of coding. I also absolutely adore ENA (My Beloved) and the vibe that series has, so I also keep that in mind when I'm working on things. For now, though, I'm content just making little home pages for everyone

Are there going to be secrets on this website? Oh, absolutely. There are even some right now that you may or may not know about. Want a hint? Too bad

So... what now? Well, I plan on gathering up some banners/stamps/etc to really get that old web vibe going on. I miss when that was a big thing online, so even if it doesn't fit my ~ A e s t h e t i c ~, I'm gonna bring back that nostalgia for myself. Other than that, I'm gonna maintain everyone else's pages, make whatever changes they want (cause I'm the only one who can code, other than Kai, but fuck knows where they've been)

Feel free to click off to any of the links on the sidebar, or stay and peruse my button collection that I'm about to show you. Your choice

NOTE: This website is NOT optimized for mobile, and I have no intention of doing so. Use mobile at your own risk

Button/Graphics Collection

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